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Teran Chartier, LPC, ACS, CCMHC

Teran Chartier, LPC, ACS, CCMHC

    Therapy is weird. I get it. You are sharing your secrets with a stranger. I believe that the relationship between the therapist and the client is the most important aspect of therapy. Without a trusting relationship it is hard to grow and explore personal struggles. We will work together at a pace that is comfortable for you. I treat my clients like I would want my family members to be treated, with respect, compassion, sincerity and honesty. I also believe therapy can be fun as well as constructive and valuable.

    Real change does not just happen in an office. By taking what we discuss and applying it in the outside world, you will have the tools to handle everyday situations. Therapy is not one solution fits all. Together we can identify patterns and choices that are being made and help you come up with a solution that fits your lifestyle. I can help you achieve change.

    I provide counseling with a calm, interactive style. I have worked with many diverse populations. With children and adolescents, I find that play therapy provides a way for them to focus their energy while expressing their feelings. Using board games, clay, arts and crafts, music, puppets and dolls, even sports, I provide several avenues for the child to open up and engage in the therapeutic process. Establishing rapport is essential, which is why it is important to get down on the floor and play. Being on the same the level builds trust, humanizes the therapy experience and helps move the relationship forward.

    When a crisis arises, I shine. I am able to calmly and effectively manage any situation. With 7+ years of working in emergency rooms, I have handled suicide assessments, mental illness, behavioral problems, psychiatric hospitalizations and grief counseling. My dual experience of crisis and outpatient settings enables me to recognize when someone needs additional help, whether it is hospitalization, medication or other appropriate referrals. Although I cannot prescribe medication, I do work with consulting psychiatrists on-site who can.

    I am warm and supportive, with a sense of humor. I balance strong intuition with sharp critical thinking skills.

    Patricia “Trisha” Piotrowski, LCSW

    Patricia “Trisha” Piotrowski, LCSW

      As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I have extensive experience in both the public school system and private counseling centers.

      My experience with adults and adolescents began with my work at a private adolescent counseling center for troubled youth and their respective families. Here, I served as both an individual therapist as well as group facilitator for children with socialization and addiction issues. Additionally, I held a position at New Bridge Medical Center as a psychiatric social worker. My tenure at NBMC focused on one-to-one and group counseling on the Child and Adolescent Intermediate Unit as well as counseling in-patient adults suffering from major
      psychiatric disorders and substance abuse.

      For the past fifteen years, I have worked as a school social worker in Bergen County, where I have collaborated with other members of the Child Study Team. Specifically, my role on the team is to assess and promote students academic potential through:
      - conducting functional behavioral assessments
      - developing and implementing behavioral intervention plans
      - developing modification and strategies for both students and staff
      - developing and implementing Individualized Education Plans
      - providing direct clinical counseling

      As a parent myself I know how hard it can be to juggle the day to day activities of life. That’s why I feel counseling at any age is so important. Chartier Therapy is an open and inviting atmosphere which helps promotes positive change!

      Nicole J. “Nikkie” Rossetti, LCSW, LCADC

      Nicole J. “Nikkie” Rossetti, LCSW, LCADC

        Face it, life is complicated. Together, let’s make a plan to sort it out and achieve balance and wellbeing. Often we feel like we can't catch a break; whether the stress of a particular event feels overwhelming, many issues seem to be piling up all at once, or you struggle with mental illness, talking with a trained professional can provide serenity amongst the chaos and give you better tools to meet your daily challenges. People who are truly successful in life prioritize their physiological health, and seeking an experienced guide is an important first step along that path.

        I believe a holistic approach is key to maintaining lasting wellness. I like to utilize a variety of techniques from CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused Therapy, and more to tailor treatment to your needs. If medication or other therapies are a part of your plan, I can make referrals to trusted providers. I began my career as a therapist in 2012 and have since had a wide variety of professional experiences that I pull from, forming my theoretical approach. I have a diverse background in anxiety disorders, couples counseling, inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, and I have spent many years as a provider for teens and children--from crisis stabilization to emotional education and program development. Therapy should be a collaborative process: you're in the driver's seat and I'm there for support and navigation, with your goals for wellness as our compass. As you reflect and learn along this journey, you'll begin to find peace and unlock your full potential. So together we can examine life's demands and figure out what actions you can take that will empower you to live your best life. Happiness is a choice and the right help can get you there. Why wait any longer?

        Keith Brouca, LPC

        Keith Brouca, LPC

          Are you looking for a male therapist who has experience working with children, adolescents and adults? Are you looking for someone who can help you achieve your goals in a fun and non judgmental environment? Then I am your man. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who started his mental health career in 2013.

          When working with children and teens I work hard to find the individual talents, strengths and interests of each of my youth, to make individual plans and sessions tailored for their unique goals. I am also understanding that the youth I work with do not operate in isolation, and incorporate caregivers in all treatment plans, while also assisting them with the tools necessary for sustained progress.

          I have worked with those in the DD population, adolescents and children going through trauma, and those working through life goals (such as beginning a new school/job). My goal for therapy is to make it fun for the clients while still helping them to achieve their goals. I use games, arts and crafts, and other engaging techniques to help the kids buy into therapy. It's my intention to leave kids that I work with a sense that therapy is neither a chore, nor a punishment, but rather a positive, healthy experience that they can build upon throughout their life.

          In addition to children, I have many years experience working with individual adults, families, and couples. I enjoy helping individuals discover their hidden strengths as they work towards personal growth. When working with couples I focus a great deal on communication and really hearing what your partner is saying.

          Brittany Ritterman, LSW

          Brittany Ritterman, LSW

            Hi! I’m Brittany and I am so glad you’re here. Beginning therapy is a big step and can feel a little daunting; that feeling is perfectly normal. I do my best to ensure that my clients feel safe and supported throughout our process together. I have always had a strong desire to help, support, and comfort those who are struggling. So many people encounter situations that prevent them from being their true selves and living the life they want, and I can be a guide to get you through those challenges and live your best life!

            I am a Licensed Social Worker, completing my graduate training at Rutgers University. I have experience in private practice counseling and the public school system as a Social Emotional School Social Worker in Bergen County. I work with children, adolescents, and adults with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, difficulty regulating emotions, OCD, ADHD, and people encountering stressful life events. I know that talking about these feelings can be uncomfortable, especially with a stranger. That’s why I feel it’s so important for us to build a strong therapeutic relationship and you can learn to count on me. We will work together through a variety of strategies and frameworks to find the best fit for your unique needs.

            You deserve credit for taking this first step and seeking out help. You also deserve happiness, a kind and listening ear, and the tools to succeed and thrive. I look forward to talking with you more soon!

            Karolyna Fernandez, LPC, LCADC

            Karolyna Fernandez, LPC, LCADC


              Sometimes the hardest step is accessing help so it’s an honor for me to join you in this process of self-growth and healing. I understand how busy life can get and often we don’t prioritize our needs but let’s face it, we also need some TLC. With an empathic and nurturing approach, I am here to help you meet your goals. I am a first generation, bilingual Latina, with deep roots in New Jersey, being a Rutgers and William Paterson University Alumni. My experience navigating cultural barriers provides me with a unique and inclusive lens that is vital to building therapeutic relationships. I am a passionate therapist who is truly motivated to making therapy work for you through an eclectic approach that includes meeting you where you are at. My experience includes working with children, adolescents, and adults. Beginning my career in 2012 has allowed me to build on a unique approach that includes providing empathy, genuineness, trust, and creating a safe space. My expertise includes working with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depression, substance use, LGBTQIA+ issues, trauma, crisis management, self-esteem, relationship issues, and family systems. Through the use of Person-Centered Approach, CBT, Play Therapy, and Trauma-focused therapy, I am here to help you find the balance you need. I believe you are the expert of your life and my role is to help navigate / decipher your feelings while building the self-awareness needed to break those barriers. I strive to empower every client that walks through the door and assist in life changes that support long-term wellness.

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